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How to Get a Healthy and Shining Skin

How to Get a Healthy and Shining Skin
Every girls and women always dream to have a healthy and shining skin. Some of women are blessed with natural healthy skin. But for the rest, they have to do some treatments to get healthy and shining skin. That’s not difficult. What you have to do is eating and drinking a combination of foods that contain the proper nutrients for the enhancement and support of the skin, and live a healthy life.

Following are some tips:

  1. Keep hydrated
    Drink lots of water to prevent your skin from dehydration which is capable of producing sebum or oil from the sebaceous glands.. Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water each day. It helps flushes out and removes the toxins from your body and hydrates the skin. Besides, use also lotions to prevent from dryness.
  2. Healthy diet
    What you eat will affect your skin. Nutrition plays a vital role in skin health. Eat a consistent nutritious diet that has a number of fresh fruits and green-leafy veggies, and fiber.
  3. Consume vitamins
    Consume plenty of vitamins to make your skin healthy, especially vitamin A and C. Vitamin A makes your skin healthy, soft, and reduces oil production. There are many foods that contains of vitamin A, such as sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, carrots, milk, eggs, and apricots. Vitamin C is useful to make collagen and reduce wrinkle. You can get it from oranges, kiwi, apples, grapefruit, strawberries, tangerines, blueberries, blackberries, whole grain cereals, and red peppers.
  4. Omega-3
    Omega-3 is useful to keep the skin moisturized and prevent it from dryness. Consuming Omega-3 can keep your skin pores from becoming clogged and damaged. Avocados, salmon, tuna fish, walnuts, mackerel and cod, are all rich in Omega-3 acids.
  5. Routine exercise
    A proper exercise will keep the body fit by regulating the oxygen and improve the glow of the skin. It also produces endorphins that protect you from cell damage. Moreover, exercise reduces stress which can cause acne, dryness, and wrinkles.
  6. Stop unhealthy living habit
    Smoking and alcohol have negative effects for skin. It creates a dull skin and makes your skin suffer. Farther more, it can lead to skin cancer.
  7. Take enough rest
    Lack of sleep and stress are also bad for your skin. It can cause the face to be oily, but other areas of the body are still dry. You have to get a good 6-8hours of sleep to rejuvenate skin.
  8. Routine facial care
    You have to cleanse, moisturize and tone your skin twice every day. Clean the area on the neck, including your face, and then apply a moisturizer or neck cream after that. Before sleep at night, always remove all make up, because during the night, the skin goes through a process of elimination and cannot breathe properly if it is clogged. Face steam can be done to open slogged pore in face.
  9. Sun protection
    Protect your skin with a sunscreen with SPF-15 or higher when you're out and under the sun. You have to avoid too much exposure to the sun, because over exposure to sunlight causes sunburn and age premature skin.
  10. Avoid chemicals
    Try to limit the use of chemicals on your face. Try not to use foundation because it clogs your pores and keeps the bad stuff in. Try to use products that are made from natural ingredients.



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