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Fisheries Business

Fisheries Business
Many people are under-estimate on the fisheries business, as the world's fisheries are considered unimportant. We should be equally concerned about the world's fisheries, to promote Indonesia in the eyes of the world in the fishery sector. Fisheries business in Indonesia is very nice if we could utilize and take good care of.

Other people think that the fishing industry is an industry that is easy to intake. It seems it is not difficult, how do we receive raw materials and process them and sell them at prices that may be many times more than the price of raw materials. However, often we see very rarely fisheries industry, especially locally, can grow rapidly through the decades.

Younger generation who are less concerned about making me want to be the pioneer spirit of the young generation in order to further improve Events fisheries in Indonesia. With the advance processing technology, managing fishery resources, and can make use of fisheries resources in Indonesia, because we know the fishery resources in Indonesia is very large because of Indonesia, including the island nation. In addition to constant struggle to prevent over fishing we can utilize the existing land for farming activities.

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelagic nation, Indonesia has about 17 000 islands with a land area of 1.92257 million km2 and the broad waters of 3,257,483 km2. Of astronomical and geographical location of Indonesia has a huge impact on the economy and fishery. This can be seen from the high diversity of marine life in Indonesia. but it is now very different from the first.

Some seas in Indonesia has been experiencing Over Fishing. In the Java Sea, the Malacca and Karimata. This year there is the possibility of the Arafura Sea also experienced shortages due to over fishing. Although changes such as mangrove forests are converted to ponds and polluting industries mentioned much in the north of Java also has an effect. Climate change, he added, will also take an important role around the scarcity of fish in Indonesian waters. Five to 10 years, climate change could potentially worsen the condition of marine fish resources in Indonesia.



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