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Monthly Shopping Tips

Monthly Shopping Tips
It is important to set the schedule of monthly shopping. Here are some tips to control it:

  1. Make a list of monthly expenditure and distinguish between household needs for personal care / toiletries (detergent, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) with the need for food and drinks fresh (vegetables, fruits and meat) and the need for durable foodstuffs (rice, frozen food, etc.).
  2. For personal care, food and beverage durable, prepare a budget for one month. Shop in the modern market because there are times when they can provide lower prices than traditional markets. Choose the supermarket that was giving a discount or can offer cheaper rates than others. By making a shopping list, then you will know the approximate budget should be spent and focused on the shopping list that was made
  3. For fresh foods, may be purchased in the modern market in its first week alone, while at weeks 2 through 4, you can purchase at a traditional market or a seller of vegetables near the house. Fresh foods tend to be durable so you had to repeatedly go to the market to buy it. When you buy vegetables in the modern market continues, then you will be tempted to buy other items you do not actually need.
  4. Large shopping should be done once a month for a durable product needs, and for the fresh materials is every single week. Fresh foods are not recommended be purchased only once a month, not only for health reasons but also because fresh foods are perishable and easily damaged / rotten, so you just throw money only if the food was not processed.
  5. Do not shop when you are hungry, because it will affect your decision in buying goods, especially food. If you feel tempted to buy goods outside the list that you have created, then you can send maids to shop because they will buy based on a list that you have created it
  6. Heading for the shopping needs should not interfere with the post - another post. Split between a savings account with a monthly or daily spending accounts, so you do not take a share of the savings you should not take. One reason people always exceed the budget is because they think they are still a lot of money so there is nothing to worry about.



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