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Lilin Dance (Candle Dance)

Lilin Dance (Candle Dance)
Candle dance is essentially a collection of dances presented by dancers to the accompaniment of a set of musicians. The dancers will take a light of candle on a dish that is placed in each of their hands. These dancers are grouped and dance with dishes that have a dizzying lighting candle carefully so that the candle will always light on the plate.

The origin of the dance is believed to originate from Sumatra Candles. A myth sates that a girl had been abandoned by the fiancé who goes looking for treasure trade. When her fiance went, she lost her engagement ring. The girl was looking for the ring until late at night with candles placed on the plate. Body movements that bend, bent, pray that gave birth to the beauty of this event has given rise to Candle Dance among the village girls.

Candle dance is a kind of art at the Palace and danced the night for the cause of candle light. This because candle dance requires the dancers to practice diligently in order to oversee the movement of the candles lit with no adversity.

The movements of her body, especially the swaying, bending and kneeling were so beautiful that a dance was inspired and created. Sometimes a variation of this dance is also performed using rings on the fingers that tap a certain rhythm on the hand-held plates.



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