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Sekaten celebration held every year at the Palace of Surakarta. It is a form of celebration for Wali Songo who succeeded to struggle and spread the guidance of Prophet Muhammad SAW. For the purposes of propaganda, by the trustees in Demak, the Prophet's birth is celebrated for a week, from June 5-15. This celebration commonly called Maulud Nabi, by the trustees called Sekaten, which comes from the word Syahadatain.

Sekaten held in honor of the birth of guidance for mankind, which need to be constantly buzzed into the corners of the community to at any time. People who come to the other Sekaten not just want to get enlightenment of the guidance that has been proven to bring people to live in happiness and unseen.

The spirit of celebration Sekaten none other than a celebration to the God to be respect for one another, to acknowledge the ideas of others, can admit mistakes and accept victory with gratitude and piety, and not arrogant.

In the Palace of Surakarta gamelan tradition is still carried out in Ward Pagongan, the Great Mosque of Surakarta palaces. That should be listened to from Gamelan Kyai Guntur Madu music and Kyai Guntur Sari is a meaning in it. There are at least 2 things who were trying to convey truth. The first is Taukhid Creed, believe in the existence of God, symbolized in the piece 'Rembu', derived from God's word which means Lord Robbunayang a broadcast from a gamelan Kyai Guntur Madu.

As one of a constellation of diverse traditions of the Palace, both as guidance and as a spectacle, they should remain based on the original purpose of holding a celebration Sekaten. Do not let the public trust that has been obscured by the protrusion of the root element shows. We must not be arbitrary and under estimate every problem.

If you would propounded the following ethnic diversity and uniqueness by displaying a variety of local attractions and arts and culture, should be shown the week before and after D-day celebrations. Meanwhile, up to a week before D-day celebration is really a sense of gratitude for the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad has brought. Spirit should be maintained; the balance and proportions of both (Guidance and spectacle) must be maintained.



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